BCBS Prefixes

This is a list of BCBS prefixes that we have compiled over time. This list is a work in progress and will be updated as we find new ones. If you have any that you would like to have added please leave us a comment. Because of the large number of prefixes, we have divided them alphabetically and added a search box to make searching easier.

Prefixes   AAA to APF Prefixes   MOW to NCM
Prefixes   APG to BDY Prefixes   NCO to NQX
Prefixes   BEB to BSD Prefixes   NQY to OKN
Prefixes   BSE to CFX Prefixes   OKP to PFP
Prefixes   CFY to CUO Prefixes   PFQ to PTP
Prefixes   CUP to DJB Prefixes   PTR to RGD
Prefixes   DJC to DWK Prefixes   RGE to RTQ
Prefixes   DWL to EKB Prefixes   RTR to SHD
Prefixes   EKD to EYB Prefixes   SHE to SVP
Prefixes   EYC to FPI Prefixes   SVQ to TJZ
Prefixes   FPJ to GCH Prefixes   TKA to TYE
Prefixes   GCI to GQE Prefixes   TYF to ULJ
Prefixes   GQF to HDL Prefixes   ULK to UYP
Prefixes   HDN to HQR Prefixes UYR to WKH
Prefixes   HQS to IEF Prefixes   WKJ to WYE
Prefixes   IEL to JJA Prefixes WYF to XQM
Prefixes JJC to KLZ Prefixes XQQ to YKQ
Prefixes   KMA to KZP Prefixes YKT to ZEA
Prefixes KZR to LMR Prefixes ZEB to ZZS
Prefixes   LMV to LZV
Prefixes LZW to MOV